GNSS Sokkia Atlas

The Sokkia Atlas with advanced full wave antenna is the most cutting edge RTK GNSS system available.

The Sokkia Atlas is a multi-constellation GNSS RTK receiver featuring 226 channel optimized satellite tracking technology. Using flexible and  dynamic tracking methods, it automatically selects and tracks any available satellite signal, providing users the maximum number of signals and measurements at any given time.

An Advanced full wave antenna design provides the Sokkia Atlas with superior signal reception and advanced multi-path rejection in difficult environments. This technology creates more robust and cleaner signal tracking, allowing for unparalleled results. The Sokkia Atlas supports GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, and BDS while support for Galileo signals are incorporated and will be available through firmware and OAF upgrades.

The Sokkia Atlas delivers Ultimate field performance even in challenging environments while maintaining unmatched accuracy, speed of initialization and fix reliability for RTK solutions. The mechanical design makes it incredibly reliable, ergonomic, and durable. Guaranteed to be rugged, the Sokkia Atlas is an exclusive high-performance GNSS.