AGATIS – a private brand of PT. ASABA sells stationery, coloring and other stationery products such as sharpeners, erasers, and so on. PT ASABA is the principal of the Agatis brand which was officially launched in June 2023. Agatis’ target users are toddlers, teenagers and adults who have a closeness and interest in the world of stationery. In terms of economic and social status (SES), the target users of Agatis products have a wider range, starting from class D to A.

Agatis has 4 sub-brands, including: 1. Agatis Neopex which specifically sells writing pencils and colored pencils with Neopex and white ring technology features, 2. Agatis Eco which provides children’s stationery tools such as erasers, sharpeners, plastic rulers, and so on , 3. Agatis Prime which sells premium quality writing pencils, colored pencils and children’s stationery, and 4. Agatis Pro which provides office equipment products such as staplers, pens, and so on.

Taken from another name for the resin tree (Agathis), Agatis carries the philosophy of being a stationery brand that grows big and sturdy and has many benefits for human life. Created with exclusive technology, Agatis is the only stationery brand that has pencil products with Neopex features and three stripes on Agatis Prime pencil products. Agatis will fulfill your school and office stationery needs because it has the best quality, affordable and competitive prices. Agatis products have been distributed to various cities throughout Indonesia and are also available in online stores and modern stores.