The world is geeting smaller and abilities to utilize the best technologies for our tasks will determine our competitiveness. As recent events displayed, many organizations were not ready with technolgies and solutions that ensure smooth operationals of Work From Home, Distance Learning, and other similar concepts.

A leader in its industry, PT Asaba which was already known as digital solution providers and office equipment distributors, started to focus on IT solution products for schools, campuses, corporate and government in 2020.

With product ranges from display products  (Interactive Smart Screen, Videotron, Videowall), Camera Conference for meeting rooms and class rooms, CCTV products and many more related products, PT Asaba is the one stop technology and solution provider for learning institutions and offices, corporate and governments. Providing a stand alone equipment or a whole as solutions, PT Asaba strives to equip its clients with up-to-date products and solutions that ensure a better workflow and environment.