Maptek has been at the forefront of innovative mining technology for more than 40 years. Our solutions target all mining types and commodities, providing the link between the geological, spatial design and execution stages and safe, productive operations.

Maptek is proud to be part of a global community that is committed to improving outcomes for the mining industry. We’ve grown from a small geological database services team in Sydney in 1981 to a global technology business with more than 25,000 users spanning 95 countries in 2022.

Maptek technology solutions focus on analysing and modelling data from disparate sources to solve the problems that miners face every day.

Asaba has been an agent since the 2014 until now.

Products from Maptek sold are: Laser Scanner with type XR3, UR3, Software Point Studio, Software Vulcan

The Maptek Full support to Surveying Division about Sales & Marketing, Technical Support

Maptek products can make surveyors’ work easier in presenting 3D data and fast volume calculation processes


Maptek Vulcan, the world’s premier 3D mining software solution, allows users to validate and transform technical data into dynamic 3D models, accurate mine designs and operating plans.

Vulcan offers geologists, surveyors, mine and geotechnical engineers the tools for processing, modelling and reporting on their technical data.

Powerful block modelling and integrated tools for survey, drill and blast, grade control, geotechnical analysis, scheduling, optimisation and geostatistics make Vulcan the complete mining software package.

Vulcan can manage and visualise very large and complex datasets, process the information and rapidly generate models. Sophisticated algorithms enable virtually instant validation of models, allowing users to build a continuous and up-to-date picture of a deposit.

Running animations and exploring alternative scenarios based on various resource and economic values is the most productive approach to developing practical mine plans that maximise resource recovery.

Maptek Vulcan Full support to Surveying Division about Sales & Marketing, Technical Support.