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Vulcan Open Pit Mine Planning Bundles

MineModeller Open Pit

Vulcan MineModeller Open Pit provides the tools for mine engineers to design, evaluate and maintain daily mine operations. Surface and design lines can be easily updated with the latest data for generating daily production reports.

Vulcan Surveyor

Vulcan Surveyor allows collected survey data to be imported into Vulcan for efficient review, manipulation and update. Direct communication with survey technology reduces errors that may occure during file transfers.


Vulcan Open Pit Mine Planning Modules and Add-Ons


Vulcan Pit Optimiser

Vulcan Pit Optimiser integrates with Vulcan block modelling tools to help determine the optimum pit design.

Vulcan Interactive Polygon Reserver

Short-term interactive scheduling and continuous reserve calculations alongside creation of scheduled polygon mining blocks.

Vulcan Survey

Collected survey information is imported into Vulcan for review, manipulation and update.


View, calculate, manipulate and plot data obtained from monitors on a periodic basis.

Vulcan Open Cut Drill and Blast

The Open Cut Drill & Blast module in Vulcan allows preview of a drill and blast pattern before it is set, ensuring potential layout problems are solved early, saving time on the ground.

Grade control

Perform material type/destination classification in open pit blasts and underground.

Vulcan Haulage Profile

Haulage Profile in Vulcan calculates the cycle time for a digitised haul route using your site fleet specifications.

Oil Sands

The Vulcan Oil Sands Module is tailored to meet oil sands requirements in geologic modeling, reserving, and mine design.

Vulcan Dragline

Creation, manipulation and reporting of section based range diagrams.

Vulcan CAD

Vulcan CAD provides full design and editing, data import/export, data query and plotting functionality.

Vulcan Cutoff Grade Optimiser

Optimizes the grade of material that maximizes the NPV of a mining scenario.

Vulcan Enviewer

Vulcan Enviewer allows users to view, interrogate and present Vulcan information while maintaining the integrity of project data.

Vulcan Interactive Road Design

Interactive Road Design (Iroad) in Vulcan helps plan, design and construct road systems. With a few clicks of a mouse button you can design a road with balanced cut and fill.

Vulcan Short Term Planner

Vulcan Short Term Planner is a decision tool which allows users to analyse various scenarios in advance of mining. This collection of scheduling modules can be adapted to suit the needs of individual operations.

Automated Pit Designers

Quickly iterate preliminary designs based on output from pit optimisation runs.

Grade Control Optimiser

Automatic definition of grade control polygons that optimise material classification and minimise depletion.

Mining Blocks Generation

Prepare mining blocks for scheduling using a flexible, auditable approach within an integrated 3D visualisation environment.

Split Pit Solids

Workflow-based approach to creating solids for scheduling applicable to strip mining.

Interactive Block Planner

Cut up benches into mineable benches for short to medium term planning.

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