Vulcan Underground Mine

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Vulcan Underground Mine Planning Bundles


Vulcan MineModeller Underground

Vulcan MineModeller Underground provides the tools for mine engineers to design, evaluate and maintain daily mine operations. Surfaces and design lines can be easily updated with the latest data for generating daily production reports.

Vulcan Surveyor

Vulcan Surveyor allows collected survey data to be imported into Vulcan for efficient review, manipulation and update. Direct communication with survey technology reduces errors which may occur during file transfers. Allows volume calculations and generation of 3D drives.


Vulcan Underground Mine Planning Modules and Add-Ons

Vulcan Stope Optimiser

Individual designs take into account stope geometry along with geological and geotechnical restraints.

Vulcan CAD

Vulcan CAD provides full design and editing, data import/export, data query and plotting functionality.

Vulcan Survey

Collected survey information is imported into Vulcan for review, manipulation and update.

Vulcan Enviewer

Vulcan Enviewer allows users to view, interrogate and present Vulcan information while maintaining the integrity of project data.

Vulcan Underground Drill and Blast

Fast, accurate and flexible blast pattern design.

Underground Level Designer

Draft underground level development quickly and easily for determining optimal access plans.

Underground Grade Control

Integrated grade control database creation for efficient modelling and accurate grade control.


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