Guardians of Road Safety

Streamax is an AI-powered mobile safety and industrial management solutions provider for commercial vehicles. We believe that it is our mission to create a safer, more efficient modern traffic experience from persistent technological innovation.

Founded in 2002, with 20 years of professional experience and dedication, we’ve grown into an internationally flourished business with an integrated service network that consists of R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical support.

We work hard to stay innovation driven. We’ve continued to invest more than 12% of our sales revenues back to R&D in the past five years. Therefore, we’ve developed numerous core technologies to ensure our products share excellent adaptability, reliability, video quality and AI processing power; supported by stable, customizable base platforms.

We’ve also continued to incorporate new management systems to strengthen our overall corporate abilities in product development, quality control and more.

PT ASABA is an authorized distributor of Streamax Technology for mobile surveillance solution. Together, PT ASABA and Streamax Technology creating good environment to distribute Streamax Hardware and it’s peripherals around Indonesia.

Streamax is a leading company in providing its customer the latest AI technology solution to meet market challenges in the transportation industry. We have in-house R&D which has a huge benefit to our customer compared to other products. With AI, we have solved million of problems and help our customer to enhance safety and ultimately safe people’s lives. Nonetheless, we have also help our customer to increase efficiency and compliance with the government regulation.