As one of the products in the surveying division of PT ASABA, Sokkia began to be distributed by PT Asaba since the company was founded in 1974.

From the beginning, the name of this division was Sokkia Division until 2009, because we were the sole distributor in Indonesia and were given exclusive rights to sell this product.

The Sokkia brand comes from Japan and has types of equipment products in the form of Waterpass, Digital Theodolite, Total Station and GPS.

As survey equipment technology develops, both from Design Software and 3D Laser Scanners, Sokkia cannot add the types of products that we want. Therefore, our division is starting to collaborate with other brands that have the types of products we need.

After being obtained, the Sokkia Division finally changed its name to the Surveying Division to this day.

Sokkia also trusted us to set up the first workshop at the Jakarta Head Office whose equipment was the same as the tools at the Sokkia Factory in Japan.

This workshop is used to calibrate Sokkia brand tools, we have sold all types of products to all customers, even currently other brands are also brought to us for calibration because the certificates we provide are ISO & KAN standards.


Until finally our workshops expanded to several branch offices such as in Medan, Semarang, Surabaya, Balikpapan and Makassar.

Sales of the Sokkia brand itself in Indonesia are very good, and we have customers ranging from government, education, Consultant, Oil & Gas, Gold, Nickel & coal mines.

In Japan, the Sokkia-Topcon brands merged and became one unit.

For this reason, we have taken over the Topcon brand in Indonesia, and currently we are only focusing on selling 3D laser scanner products specifically for construction.

One of the superior products in the surveying division of PT ASABA is Maptek.

Maptek is a product from Australia and began to be distributed by PT. Asaba starting in early 2014.

We chose Maptek because their 3D Laser Scanner product is very easy to use and the software is very competent in its field.

Maptek itself has several superior products including the 3D Laser Scanner which has a laser range that currently reaches 3.5km (UR Type), then laser scanner data processing software called Point Studio which can calculate the Volume, Surface Creation, Contour and Registration Process for each scan point. which is very easy.

Maptek’s products are widely spread throughout Indonesia, including government, education and the private sector (oil & gas, gold, chooper, nickel & coal mining).

Meanwhile Maptek also released Vulcan Software, which is specifically used for all applications in the mining sector, starting from surveying, mine design, geological analysis and cost calculation analysis in mining.

Maptek also provides excellent after sales, making our sales team and engineering team feel comfortable if there are problems or input from all our customers.



One of the Design Software products in the surveying division of PT ASABA is 12d software.

12d software is a product from Australia and began to be distributed by PT Asaba starting in the 1990s.

12d is design software specifically for the field of Civil Engineering.

Over time, this software in Indonesia was able to develop and is now also used in the mining and education sectors.

12d software itself has several superior products including the Survey Module, Earthwork Module, Roading Module, where these three modules can create Contours, Volume Calculations using several methods as well as simple Road Designs up to Designing intersections and turning roads.

There are several variants of point capacity in this software, starting from 100 thousand, 5 million and up to 250 million points for each project.

12d software itself is widely spread throughout Indonesia, both from government, education, private sector (Oil & Gas, Mineral & Coal Mining).

Our division also provides Onsite or Online training for all our customers who have purchased Modules from 12d Software and we provide all training participants with certificates.

The 12d software also has an educational link for newby users to improve their skills in using 12d and become certified.